Mindmap – Hi, I’m Brooke! | Introduction & About Me

Hello Internet, hey there fellow bloggers, and welcome to my new blog “Madness.” This blog is all about dance, music, makeup, health, fitness, writing, YouTube, cats, tattoos, coffee and random obsessions; all of which I am very passionate about. I want to give any new followers a bit of info about myself before I start posting to this blog, so instead of writing a load of boring paragraphs about myself, I made this little mindmap of me, inspired by a page  from ‘Yen’ magazine. Enjoy! 🙂 image

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Name & Occupation: Brooke, Student.

Instagram: @_thebabblingbrooke



(Warning – may contain explicit content.)

Lives: Melbourne, Australia.

What do people think you do? I’m pretty sure that most of my friends think that all I do all day is watch YouTube videos, scroll through the BuzzFeed website, masturbate, watch porn & obsess over Lady Gaga music. And I’m pretty sure that most of my family think that all I do all day is dance, and stay in my room, being antisocial.

What do you actually do? Spend all day reading books and magazines, listen to music, procrastinate about homework, exercise, write, watch lots of YouTube videos and go on Tumblr way too much, obsess over makeup products which I will never have enough money to afford, do ballet foot exercises, drink coffee, annoy the crap out of my cats, scroll through the BuzzFeed website, plan blog posts and go to school when I have to. So yeah, I guess my friends and family are pretty spot-on.

Signature drink: Black coffee, for sure.

Last book you read: “Michael Jackson: The Magic & The Madness” by J.Randy Taraborrelli.

Who inspires you? Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, my mum and dad, my creative writing teacher at school, Oprah Winfrey, my dance teacher, Tyler Oakley, Estée from essiebutton, & Claire Marshall…….just to name a few.

Favourite season: I used to think that summer was my favourite season, but I’ve since realised that the Aussie summer (especially Melbourne summer) can be pretty shitty, and I love Autumn weather so much more.

My ultimate snack: Sushi, a cup of black espresso coffee, fruit & coconut-cream filled peanuts. Not really a snack, but whatever, I eat a lot.

What skill do you wish you could have in the blink of an eye? To be able to play every musical instrument in the world. Or just any instrument, really.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Well technically I am still kinda a kid (or a teen, I guess), and honestly, I think there are a lot of great job options out there for me since I am passionate about a lot of things. I would love to get a contract with a dance company, or get into songwriting for famous artists, become an author/poet/journalist/anything to do with writing, or become a nutritionist or fitness trainer…..I just haven’t really made my decision yet. As long as I’m working in a job that I’m happy in, all should be fine.

Name a place where you would love to live: I’ve always dreamt about running away and starting a new life in New York City, as foolish as that sounds. I would also love to live in Tokyo, Japan. I love cities, and hate the country, so living in any large city would be perfect for me.

Favourite style of music: I listen to all types of music. The only style of music that I don’t listen to is country. But some of my favourite genres are rap/hip hop/R&B (think Beyonce, Eminem, Chanel West Coast, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Dr. Dre & Iggy Azalea), and contemporary/alternative rock pop (think Lana Del Rey, Ingrid Michaelson, the 1975 & the Neighbourhood.)

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? I’m very self-conscious, and I’m always very aware of the people around me and their actions. You think I didn’t see you pick your nose, look excited when someone mentioned your crush’s name, and see you look down at your phone and then frown? Well, trust me, I did. It’s kinda creepy, I know.

Choose a side: 

Chocolate or Ice-Cream? Ice-cream, all the way. After all, you can have chocolate ice-cream.

Silver or gold? Silver. Silver seems so much more humble.

Unicorn or Pegasus? Neither, I pick cats.

Beyonce Knowles or Kelly Rowland? Kelly, because she’s just as talented as Beyonce, but she doesn’t get half as much credit for it.

Batman or Spiderman? Spiderman because his alter-ego is a hot nerd.

Surrealist or Realist? Definitely surrealist. I loathe reality. I’m a dreamer.

And last question…..what do you want most from this blog? To be able to share my love of writing and everything else that I love, as well as write awesome professional sounding articles on different topics, but at the same time be able to write casual posts about random shit. 😀

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me as a blogger and as a person. I will start posting regularly to this blog ASAP.

Until next time, stay mad.


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